Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tokyo is food haven!

I am back! After a long hiatus and a lot poorer, but nonetheless happier and fatter.

Tokyo I must say is a haven for food. Yes, we can have Japanese food here anywhere in KL but to savor it in the authentic home of origin? How often can you have waitresses take your order in Japanese .... weird theory it is, but I think the difficulty in ordering your food adds flavor to it.

From Syabu Syabu to tempura udon and ebi sashimi ..... ooh, the choices are just spectacular. If it weren't for the price of the food, I will just keep eating, perhaps till my legs give way. There is just so much to try .... western fusion, desserts .... you name it, you get it!

My personal favourite? Syabu Syabu on the first day of Chinese New Year at Hama Fu Fu, Machida Tokyo. Its a buffet, get a set and you can have unlimitted veggies and different cuts of meat. Since we ordered pork, that is what we got. So thinly slices, the meat just gets done once you dip it into the pot of shoyu soup .... its sweet to the taste. And if you like, there is peanut sauce ... adds in a pang of smooth roasted flavor!

Imagine this! A hot pot on a cold winter day ...... awesome! Oh, how hot it is in KL now. But what better way to end our Chor Yat dinner with hot Sake!! Cheers to the new Ox year!!

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