Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sura @ Hartamas

The good thing about being in Malaysia is that there is a whole variety of cuisines that you can . enjoy. From local to italian to Japanese or even African. But this time, I explored Korean food. There is this home style Korean restaurant in Hartamas that served good food ... excellent you may say, so much so that we were the first customers in and last out.

We ordered barbeque. How could you not order that when you are in a Korean restaurant? The only name I remember is Bulgogi. We had the beef and chicken version of that. For pork, we had some pork belly slices. Can't remember the names though ..... the down side to this restaurant, apart from the menu, everything is in Korean. The waiters serve you the dishes and mention the Korean names ... your side dishes are given and you only know the korean name of what you're eating.

It might sound weird to you .... but who cares? As long as it is good food!

Each of us had our individual dish as well. I had my Chicken Bibimbap. Its this dish served in a stone bowl with loads of shredded vegetables and a fried egg on top, not to mention chicken slices too. They give you this special red sauce in which you pour it into your rice and MIX it all up. Yea .... it looked gross but it tasted good! The ultimate lazy man's dish as you only need to scoop and chew! My friends had noodles with seafood, spicy tofu rice, cold egg noodles, rice with stewed beef and loads of side dishes.

In fact, they put in so many complementary side dishes that can be refilled. I am sure there are more than 8 variations. There was the traditional kimchi, anchovies, salted veggies, sausages, and many many more. The perfect place to drink, eat and be merry .... no wonder we spent more than 4 hours there ...
One of my favourite side dishes. Not sure what the name is though, but it is steamed egg. Yummy!

There were 10 of us there that night, we ate like kings and queens and the bill came out to be RM 368.
Sura Korean restaurant is located in Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Situated right above 7-11 convenience store and it is on the same row as coffee bean.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yummy yummy!

I miss all the good food in Japan. As when you're on vacation, you never bother about growing fat. That's my favorite dessert of all ... Green Tea ice- cream with Azuki beans ... bitter and sweet! The perfect combination.
Ebi tempura with wild mushroom and vege udon. What's not to go crazy about?
Tamago sozui ... or egg porridge. So simple with the tinge of sweet vinegar. Satisfying to the last drop.
Chicken chop marinated in shoyu ....... sizzling hot!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tokyo is food haven!

I am back! After a long hiatus and a lot poorer, but nonetheless happier and fatter.

Tokyo I must say is a haven for food. Yes, we can have Japanese food here anywhere in KL but to savor it in the authentic home of origin? How often can you have waitresses take your order in Japanese .... weird theory it is, but I think the difficulty in ordering your food adds flavor to it.

From Syabu Syabu to tempura udon and ebi sashimi ..... ooh, the choices are just spectacular. If it weren't for the price of the food, I will just keep eating, perhaps till my legs give way. There is just so much to try .... western fusion, desserts .... you name it, you get it!

My personal favourite? Syabu Syabu on the first day of Chinese New Year at Hama Fu Fu, Machida Tokyo. Its a buffet, get a set and you can have unlimitted veggies and different cuts of meat. Since we ordered pork, that is what we got. So thinly slices, the meat just gets done once you dip it into the pot of shoyu soup .... its sweet to the taste. And if you like, there is peanut sauce ... adds in a pang of smooth roasted flavor!

Imagine this! A hot pot on a cold winter day ...... awesome! Oh, how hot it is in KL now. But what better way to end our Chor Yat dinner with hot Sake!! Cheers to the new Ox year!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally Wendy's

I've always wanted to try it ... Wendy's. Though it came to Malaysian shores quite sometime ago, I never found time to visit them. I was wondering what the hype was all about? Fresh food, rich milkshakes and just soft golden brown fries? I've got to try it to believe it. 

I am a sucker for McD's Chicken McDeluxe and thus wanted to try the Spicy Chicken burger, but instead I tried the shrimp burger. Pretty hard to imagine but worth to be adventurous. I super sized my set ... and it only costed me RM 13.60 plus tax. 

Well, the coke was refreshing as always and the fries were soft yet crunchy on the outside. What I like about it is that they don't put in the odds and ends of the potato. What they serve is the real string of fries. And the burger .... weird as it sounds, it actually tastes good. The bun is soft and sprinkled with ground sesame. And the patty? Well, I don't know what goes in there but it tastes a little like Okonomiyaki, Japanese pizza. There were chunks of shrimp in it .. fresh and crunchy, and breaded and fried ... the only thing I can say is YUM!

Well, next on my Wendy's list is nuggets!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shih Lin Taiwanese Snacks

After a long day of walking and shopping, you just want to plonk your self on a bench somewhere and have a light snack. Something not too heavy and neat enough to share with your shopping buddy. And the perfect option is Shih Lin's Taiwanese street snack.

You've got to try the Oyster Mee Sua. There is this tinge of sour yet rich taste in the soup. Good to the last drop. The noodle is just tender and the chicken meat is shredded so fine that its perfect for digestion. I never liked mee sua as I always associated it to being sick (my mum forced me to eat mee sua when ever I had fever when I was young, and though I recovered, I had to continue on mee sua diet for a week or so). But this dish ....its tasty. Only RM 6 a bowl ... with oysters in it too! It gives me the sensation of having Sharks fin soup (though you should NEVER eat Shark's fin soup. Say NO to it)

I'm a fan of pasar malam food. And for those of you who knows Uncle Bob's fried chicken .... I'll queue for hours for it. They serve it here too .... but Shih Lin's version is crunchier on the outside and more tender in the insides. The is actually lots of meat in the fillet ... and making every bite worth your money. Now, they are having a Lunch Box for only RM 10. A plate of rice with special sweet sauce topping, their very own Crispy Fried Chicken and tofu with oyster sauce. This combo comes with a bottle of soya milk as well ....

Well, my hands were itchy and I did have some Tempura seafood. See those thingy-ies on top of the chicken, well I added them on myself. Its chewy and full of flavor. Definitely worth getting a bag and muching away as you browse your favourite shopping alley.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My cravings

Its actually a torture to go back to work today. After a long festive vacation from work ( 9 days to be exact), I get to travel to different spots and have a variety of gastonomical delights ... but here I am today, stuck back in my office at Phileo Damansara 1 with only a handful of places to eat ...

and in Phileo, I guess its eating to live ... not living to eat. 
I skipped lunch (as my biological clock it messed up & still on holiday timing) and I'm craving for something to eat now .... here's my wish list:

1) Fried Singapore Mee hoon from Ming Tien, Tmn Megah PJ
2) Fish head mee hoon from Tmn Connaught
3) Chee cheong fun with lots of foo chuk from a bike outside YMCA KL
4) Chicken nuggets from Wendy's
5) Okonomiyaki from Umai-ya, Damansara Uptown
6) Chicken rendang from Selva's corner, Brickfields
7) Nasi Kandar with sambal egg from a little lorong near Lebuh Ampang
8) Lotus paste pau with egg yolk from Foh San, Ipoh
9) Tau fu fah from a stall outside PJ Uniform SS2
10) Mee Pok from somewhere in JB opposite a Chinese Assoc

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Waffle World @ One Utama

I've been craving for it for ages ... its almost like being addicted to it. And no other dishes or other varieties can ever supplement it. And today ... I finally got my cravings satisfied. After much postponements of trips, I finally made it to Waffle World in One Utama.

I need my fix of waffles!! And just opening the menu makes y
our mouth water ... oh the variety! They have grilled fish, foot long sausages and carbonara pasta just to name a few to cry out for!! But I must stay focused! The other varieties shall be in my to do list!! 

And without hesitating, I ordered my Chocolate waffle topped with vanila ice- cream. Warm on the inside and when served with the cold ice- cream, the sensation in your mouth is to die for. The thick chocolate batter is so rich that it gives a slight bitter taste ... the waffle is sprinkled with choc fudge ....and the verdict? Bitter sweet .... need I say more? Just bite into it and you have enjoy the crunchy crust and soft insides.

At only RM 6.90, I am a total chocolate-waffle-a-holic. Just look at this mouth watering waffle.

And all the other varieties of waffles are going at the same price too. There is banana, classic, blueberry and many more. Here is another of the best sellers!! Almond Waffles ...
Nyum nyum ... Waffle World, ... here I come again!